Our Commitment

“Breathe in peace, breathe out stress. Sports Massage can relief to much of what ails you. Our best couples massage in Houston might bring relaxation and navigate, handle, and minimize stress. Belle Therapy is one of the top therapeutic massages.

At Belle therapy our main goal is help our clients achieve maximum wellness through a wide range of therapies. We can deliver a large range of various bodywork techniques such as trigger point therapy, reflexology, deep tissue massage and more. At Belle therapy we want to produce an environment that is comfortable and that puts our patients at ease. By building a soothing atmosphere we can produce an environment where you can recapture your energy, reduce stress and anxiety and work on rebuilding your strength. Working on wellness means having a space that you can heal in and obtain the maximum number of health benefits. We want to treat you as a partner in wellness at our location and make sure that you feel welcome from the second you enter through the door.

Whether you are coming to us for serious rehabilitation or if you just need to find relaxation and support for your everyday wellness, we want to have an environment that brings on comfortable and positive feelings with every visit. We want to provide a more advanced approach to any type of pain management and help you to obtain the best in performance between our massage appointments. We have created a staff that are extremely well-rounded and experts in massage and manual therapy including acupressure, myofascial and more.

Relaxation & Therapeutic massage

We can combine different massage modalities in order to serve each’s patient needs. The road to recovery and wellness is something that requires consistent maintenance and we want to partner with you to give you the healing you need and the relaxation you want.

Best Quality Prenatal Holistic Massage

At Belle Therapy, you will find an environment that brings on comfortable and positive feelings with every visit bringing wellness and energy to your life.

Wellness & Therapeutic Bodywork Massage

Come experience the ancient secrets of relaxation and well-being

Meet our Licensed Massage Therapists

All our massage therapists are licensed and insured by Texas State. Each massage therapist of our team is highly qualified and trained in different modalities to help you find relief from a wide variety of chronic and acute pain issues. We can help you recover from injury or even ensure that you can obtain optimal health benefits for your day-to-day life.

If you are interested in booking an appointment with one of our massage therapists please contact us today. We can create a plan for you based off of your injury or pain or the wellness goals that you have in mind. Through an initial assessment we can detail the types of therapies that would be most beneficial for your needs and then begin scheduling appointments that work for your schedule.