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Therapeutic and Rejuvenation: best massage packages in Houston

Therapeutic and Rejuvenation: Massage Packages

Swedish Massage

Mostly, It is known to stimulate circulation, reduce pain and swelling, strengthen immunity, release tension and promote relaxation. One of the primary goals of the Swedish massage technique is to relax the entire body. This is accomplished by rubbing the muscles with long gliding strokes in the direction of blood returning to the heart.

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Deep Tissue Massage

A form of bodywork that aims to relieve tension in the deeper layers of tissue, it is a highly effective method for releasing chronic pain, repetitive motion, and lingering past injuries. For most people, the superficial muscles must be relaxed first to go deeper, so this type of massage is often combined with Swedish techniques to enhance relaxation response.

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Couples Massage

A special arrangement that allows you and your partner receive the massage at the same time, in the same room by two therapists. It is a great way to treat yourself and your loved one on any special day. A couple massage is for everyone; friends, sisters, mother and daughter, girlfriend and boyfriend or same sex couples. Get the perfect day with the person you love the most!

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Trigger Point Therapy

Is a type of treatment that focuses on releasing trigger points, certain type of “knots” which radiate or refer pain to other areas. For instance, some of the trigger points in gluteus can radiate pain into lower back or groin. Severe muscle tension, postural disorders, acute injuries, back problems are the most common conditions treated with this technique.Trigger point therapy aims to find the “hotspots” which cause the pain and release them. belle therapy

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Custom Massage

We understand that every client has unique needs and requires a personalized approach, that’s why we have introduced our Custom Massage. During a Custom Massage, the therapist, using their experience and physiological knowledge, will incorporate special modalities, such a deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point and/or myofascial release, tailored to your specific and individual needs. Or whichever of these types of massage (or any combination) you specifically request.

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It’s more than just a hand or foot massage, involves the manipulation of specific reflex areas in the feet, hands and ears that correspond to other parts of the body. Reflexology works with the body’s energy flow to stimulate self- healing and maintain balance in physical function. It’s a great therapeutic bodywork for infants, children, elders, anyone who prefers to remain clothed during a session.

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Neuromuscular Massage Therapy

It is a highly specialized type of manual therapy designed to relieve pain and return injured tissues to normal function. This technique manipulates the soft tissue of the body (muscles, tendons and connective tissue) to balance the central nervous system. It integrates various techniques, such as trigger point, acupressure and other soft tissues styles. Therapy Available in Bellaire Texas

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Pregnancy Massage

Our pregnancy massage, incorporates elements of the Swedish massage and is designed to relieve muscular aches and pains in your joints as well as reducing anxiety, which can be common in pregnant mothers. Pregnancy massage is very pleasant and designed to help you to embrace the change that is happening to you. Please note: Massage is contraindicated in the first trimester. Please wait until the fourth month to schedule your massage. However, you may schedule massages all the way up to your due date and beyond.

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Sports Massage

This type of bodywork incorporates stretching, deep tissue and site specific, is designed specifically for the very physically active (whether you’re a professional athlete or not). These techniques can increase range of motion and/or flexibility, speed up recovery by increasing local circulation and reducing inflammation and help with rehabilitation of sports related injuries. It’s main purpose is to enhance repair, relief pain, prevent injury or maintain physical health. It is ideal for acute injuries like ligament sprain or muscle tear but also for chronic, long-lasting neck or shoulder problem.

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Myofascial Release

Adhesions often form in the fascia surrounding the muscles, restricting the muscle from lengthening to its full potential. This in turn decreases our flexibility and range of motion. Myofascial release uses rolling movements applied to the skin, as well as sustained pressure and stretching to eliminate restrictions in the fascia. It can be highly effective in restoring mobility and increasing range of movement. This often enhances healing and reduces muscular pains. Chronic injuries and postural problems benefit the most from this technique. That includes: long-term back problems, repeated headaches, fibromyalgia, general stiffness and arthritis.

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